Final Thoughts and Conclusions. Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse. If you installed the Logitech SetPoint software it will also alert you if the battery is running low. View this thread in our forums! The mouse is powered by a single easily replaceable AA battery with a power indicator. The sides of the mouse have non-slip rubber side panels that provide extra grip and comfort.

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This indicator light just means that the mouse is powered on and that everything is okay. View full cart Remove all.

The Logitech m Cordless Mkuse Page 2: Some people prefer a full sized mouse and if you are one of those people then you should stop reading right now. This means that the Logitech m is a five button mouse. An automatic sleep mode will also help preserve the battery when the device has been out of use for a while and you forgot to turn it off.

Flipping the Logitech m wireless mouse over you can see where the magic happens. It may not appeal to major mouse enthusiasts, but for anyone looking for a small, comfortable and easy to use mouse the M is just about the perfect solution.

It is for that reason that we try to mix some mainstream products into the mix as well. The receiver is so small and unobtrusive that you can plug it into an open USB port and simply forget about it. The device’s compact size didn’t diminish its comfort, even users of large gaming mouse will find it adequately comfy.


The Logitech m is a rather small mouse and does not entirely fit into your palm like some full sized mice.

Logitech M305 – Mouse

Our Windows 7 desktops and laptop PCs instantly recognized the Logitech m mouse and it began working without a restart. In the image above you can see the battery properly installed and the Logitech Nano Receiver stored inside the m mouse. Join or follow us: The mouse isn’t going to impress more serious users looking for additional browser buttons or gamers looking for weights and on-the-fly sensitivity settings, but it did impress in its own kouse, that is, as a compact mouse for people on the move.

Today, we have the Logitech M Wireless Mouse up for review. We mainly focus on enthusiast products here at Legit Reviews, but we know that not everyone can afford high-end products or even has a need for them.

The Logitech M is a good continuation of Logitech’s great peripheral offering, it offers users a high amount of comfort alongside easy usability in the form of a barely noticeable unifying receiver. To be honest all you really need to do is put battery in, plug the receiver into an open USB port on your PC and then turn the mouse on. A few months ago Logitech announced its new fantasy colour collectiona range of new peripherals kitted out in bold and creative colour patterns to suit your individual style and tastes.

Logitech suggests avoiding dark or transparent surfaces as they use more power and will drain the battery quicker. Genius SlimStar Solargizer.

It will also activate automatically when you power on your computer, so it’s always ready for service. The optical sensor on the Omuse m is rated at DPI.


Review: Logitech M

If you installed the Logitech SetPoint software it will also alert you if the battery is running low. One of these products is the new Logitech M, a wireless mouse that’s small and comfortable enough to make the perfect companion to any notebook owner.

Nokia unveils Asha mouwe phone. If you need to download drivers or the Logitech Setpoint software you can grab the latest versions over at the Logitech website and that this will allow for configuration of the scroll wheel and other advanced features. Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse.

The Logitech m is totally plug-in-play and no drivers are needed unless you want advanced controls on the mouse. Logitech says that the single AA alkaline battery can last up to four months in ideal situations, which is pretty good for an inexpensive mouse.

The M range from Logitech is available in seven different colours with a number of unique patterns to choose from, our test model sported the blue swirl design, making for an attractive look on top of the device’s high usability. The Logitech M is a five button optical mouse that uses 2.

It uses advanced 2. The mouse features an incredibly ergonomic design sporting a natural shape with a soft rubber grip that melds with your mouse hand to create a very smooth experience.