Because the air does not abstract the heat of the hand so rapidly as the water did, and the change in the degree of rapidity with which the heat is abstracted produces a sensation of increased warmth. Does pjv,,phorous ignite spontaneously when held in, a ztarmz harvd? Carbon, what is the purest form Circulation, how do we know the of it Light, tit what velocity does it travel tril waters The oxygen and the nitrogen still possess their own peculiar properties. Under its influence air and water are the great equalisers of solar heat, rendering the earth agreeable to living things, and suited to the laws of their existence.

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The reason why

Wh7y does not a piece of wood which is burning at one end, feel hot at the other end? What is the state of the air after it has once been breathed? Because their wicks are made by a series of plaits, by which they are bent to meet the oxygen of the air, and consumed. Usually though there are exceptions they have a great affinity for water, and are easily soluble therein; they unite readily with most alkalies, lynx-lvuii with the various oxides.

VWhat is latent heat? On the hottest day it is 10 or 12 deg.

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It is because the moral and intellectual qualities of man are, like all creations and gifts of God, the subjects of development, opyical law is pl ogression. Light and heat, are they combined etrrting the earth Cohesiong whatisthe attraction of 77 coloured articles cool Because their coverings, being non-conductors of heat, preserve the warmth of the bodies of the animals.


If, excited by a momentary daring, the beholder moved towards the light upon which he gazed, it fled from hliml. Because the hydrogen has been driven off by the processes by which opticl and coke are made.

Why may man endure this degree of heat for a short time without injury?

It is diffused in the air which should be removed by adequate. Because it takes up a part of the heat, and, evaporating, carrle.

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Because rays of heat may be reflected in the same manner as thL I ys of light. Why does wood ignite less readily than paper? What are the sources of heat? Because the too rapid flow of cold air reduces the temper ature of the burning mass.

It also tells us that animal and vegetable substances, undergoing decay, poison the air, though we may not be able to see, or to smell, or otherwise discover the existence of such poison. Wty ‘ does the wick turn black as it burns? It is olvious that the rays falling from tile upper part of the head-stone on to thefoot of the grave would be less powerful than those that radiated from the centre of the stone to the centre of the grave.

It travels in parallel rays in all directions with a velocity approximating to that of light; and it passes through various bodies with a rapidity proportionate to their power of conduction.

Because the large amount optcal carbonic acid gas given off with the breaths of the people, makes the air poisonous and oppressive. Waking, why does it make us igorti Wrhen we gaze upon a rose it is not its beauty alone that should impress 1m: Line reversals are also communicated between exchange and subscriber.


And science has gained some of its mightiest cc nquests through its aid. What are the chief sources of carbonic acid gas? This plan of “laying in” the fire is optival the reverse of that which has been pursued for many years.

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Atmospheric pressure, what is the Bats, why do they sleep during total amount on the earth’s winter She then places the poker upon the top, and the poltlar mind supposes tlat the poker “draws” the fire. The roof is covered as with a cantopy of gorgeous tapestry, enriched with festoons of most graceful foliage, flung in wild irregular profusion over every part of its surface. They are absorbed chiefly by the earth, the great medium of calorific absorption; but some portions are taken up by living things, both animal and vegetable.

Tle lightning, rushing with indescribable force toward the steeple, is attracted by the bar of steel, and conducted harmlessly to the earth. WVhy do fresh coals increase the quantity of smoke? But the hearth-rug, being a baa conductor, would part with its heat very slowly, and it would there.