It is an evaluation version only. For XP and older Full version members. Mhr Wednesday, January 1, 2: It has a universal driver, tokchscreen do the trick. Finally, to confuse things further, the touch screen used on the Dell STT monitor is listed as a LG, Multi-touch, USB device and this is a totally different touch device altogether.

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Smart Driver Polis drivers cannot be smart, you can. Support for legacy hardware extends the life of older touch equipment allowing it to be used in the latest operating system releases.

OFFERING / FOR SALE: FOR SALE: LG1510BF touch screen monitor for POS

The processor is 1 item,the MB chipset is the other Where did you obtain your information about the Intel P4 not being compatible with Windows 7? The API caters for applications to interface with every aspect of the driver functionality, allowing for applications to directly interface with the touch device rather than indirectly via mouse emulation or native system interfaces. For XP and older Full version members. Until mid we had a license agreement with ITM such that they could supply our driver with their touch devices.


Examples of how to view the device properties are here; WindowsMacLinux. Wednesday, July 1, 8: They all showed the same product id of F9E9. Help Library Download owner’s manuals and documentation. Wednesday, July 1, Seb Can you send me link for download? Resources for IT Professionals.

Tuesday, July 7, Hi Demetrio Windows 7 provides the extensibility for Touch enabled devices, but the drivers are the resposibility of the hardware maker. Edited by Schloicka Thursday, March 28, 9: Thursday, March 28, 9: This is quite an old version and has an issue when uninstalled on Windows 7 as described in our Windows driver documentation: The LG BF provides users with a choice of input, offering users touch screen functionality.

Here is a link to that website: Not sure if anyone still need the driver, but i have a copy of it on www. If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again either lg15110bf email, or by calling our customer service division at at your convenience.

LG monitor touch driver considerations

Wednesday, September 30, 4: Where support is offered it may not always cater for specific configurations and desired functionality. Under XP the touch will work but may be uncalibrated. Install the drivers and plug in your monitor. Should you need to purchase licensed versions direct from Touch-Base more information is available here. The driver sent is a trial version for evaluation purposes only and offers clicks after each calibration. Open platform support Designed and written to be cross platform and utilising the latest application development tools ensures the latest release of our software is available across all supported platforms.


LCD LG TOUCH LSF no driver for Windows 7

To properly experience our LG. Example source code is available on our support page. Did LG say that they will not support this monitor in the future with Windows 7 drivers? For Consumer For Business. I would contact LG again and ask them this question. The company offers these drivers for evaluation purposes only and the evaluation driver comes with restrictions.