Aug 31, Posts: So young, that you have to special request them from Matrox, and they don’t look to have very much usability yet. And finally, the question of the graphics card. I’m big into 2D image quality, and I think the dual DVI is going to prove extremely useful in a few months. At first I’m just going to be learning to play piano, but I want to learn with a good app, so I want something with adequate power for later. And as far as the gaming in Windows goes, I’ve always been into quality over speed. So here’s what I’m thinking.

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Have you heard anything about the quality of the M-Audio drivers?

K78sxe I am a weak creature, and I want to play PC games. I’ve toyed with RH7, Mandrake 8, Gentoo 1. Ah, I dream of the day when I need, much less can afford a card like that. The Sapphire Pro Ultimate is appealing, since it’s silent, and quite powerful for my Windows gaming excursions. All I know of is Audacity, and with the lack of Linux VST plugins on their site, it doesn’t look like it’s worth the praise it seems to get.

I really, really like Matrox. So here’s what I’m thinking. Actually, they already have them, audii just extremely young. I think that if I could afford a decent Intel setup, I would probably just buy a G5 instead. Aug 31, Posts: Does anybody have any experience with this SiS chipset?


Libranet 2.81: Asrock K7S8XE (SiS 748), M-Audio Audiophile 2496 (Envy24), and Parhelia vs 9600 Pro

Nvidia is out, I just plain loathe them as a company, and that comes first. Feb 8, Posts: Please keep in mind while answering 7ks8xe questions, if you choose to do so, that I’m not completely running blind, but I’m close. To anyone who actually made it this far, thank you for any help that you can offer me. They are saying that I should use Intel.

While on the topic of sound, any suggestions for a good editing app? And considering I’ll be using 3D in linux for game level design, and not gaming beyond testingMatrox has another pro. They are open source though, which is a big plus for me. I am planning on getting a M-Audio Delta Envy24 as well.

I’ve been reading that there are problems with the southbridge, k7s8se it’s looking like they won’t be fixed until kernel 2.

On the other hand, there’s ATI. Also, I’m not liking the idea of having to recompile Xfree for the Parhelia driver.

It’s the, ‘what if they aren’t out by when I want them? I’ve been spending a huge amount of time planning this new computer and I7s8xe switch, and these things have been haunting me.


I am going to try out Ardour and see if it is sufficient for my hard disk recording needs. I’m big into 2D image quality, and I think the dual DVI is going to prove extremely useful m7s8xe a few months.

Motherboard Layout (K7S8X) – Asrock k7s8xe r User Manual – Page 7 of 29 |

The thing is, the drivers are still early beta currently have to specially request drivers with 3D support. The Pro is going to have 3D drivers before the Parhelia, but they’ll probably suck, and they’ll be closed.

Mon Sep 01, 2: Does anybody happen to know which will be better, and if either are adequate for midi input and sound editing? I actually doubt the Parhelia will get 3D drivers. Does anyone have any success’ or failures under their belt with this chipset?

I definitely don’t need much to begin with, but I was hoping for something with Cubase or Reason like capabilities, just because I want a lot of room to play around. Is this the case, or are there some success stories out there that I’m not aduio