This is helpful when trying to debug connection problems. Make sure that your PC and the router are on the same network segment. From the Wireless menu, click on Configuration. For most cases, this screen should not be modified. Please use the Add Comment function below to review devices you have used please be descriptive.

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In Network and Dial-up Connections window, right-click on the Network icon, and then select Properties. If the LED is flickering, it is an indication of network activity. Because it is most frequently used as a router, that is how it is referred to in this manual. But if advance notice is not practical, the Telephone Company will notify the customer as soon as possible.

Zhone User`s guide |

Connectivity to the unit will be lost. The Ringer Equivalence Number or REN is used to determine the number of devices that may be connected to a telephone line. The Select Network Protocol dialog box appears. To change the router’s IP address: If you want to add a custom application, select the User category, click on New, 66218 fill in the port, protocols and description for your application.


Using the Web Interface 4. You can change this address, or another address can be assigned by your ISP.

Zhone 6218-I2

In addition, since the equipment is to be used with telecommunications circuits, take the following precautions: The Internet is so large that a single network cannot handle all of the traffic and still deliver a reasonable level of service. Selecting Out means that the router will only send out RIP information.

User Articles Quick Reference. This value must be greater than the router’s IP address value. In the Control Panel window, double omdem on the Network icon.

The bridge filter table contains three hidden rules. The supplied power adapter may modemm different than the one illustrated here. Select Microsoft in the Manufacturers box.

It is intended for all users of the router.

Zhone 6218-I2 – wireless router – DSL modem – 802.11b/g – desktop

Index Lists ,odem terms, concepts, and sections in alphabetical order. Users of the wireless LAN must supply an encryption key, as defined on this screen. The Ethernet Switch screen appears. I will not reach the building across the 30 feet of open air. The Hostname can be any alphanumeric word beginning with a letter and containing no spaces.


Info Events or non-error conditions of interest. From the Home screen, under the tools menu, click on User Management. Chapter 3, Using the Web Interface Explains how to use the web interface to configure and monitor the router. Features of the Wireless Router Your router has the following features: Terminology Your machine isn’t really directly connected to the Internet, and it really has an internal local network address. The Wireless Configuration screen appears.

Specify the target IP Address that you want to ping. The User Interface for Mmodem Filter allows the user to add, edit, and delete, as well as enable the filter rules. For example, if the router’s IP address is Configure your router and your wireless devices to communicate with each other. If you do not hear high-pitched noise, contact your ISP.