Categories Review 14 News 6 camera 3 gallery 2 notebook 2 pc 2 Software 1 acessories 1 tablet 1. But in our opinion, this only made him vulnerable to slipping and missing. Although using a infusion systems, it does not mean you can install any type of ink. L is able to print text-based documents with both black and color. Tuesday, January 3, Review pptPlex.

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With 4 CYMK ink tank measuring 70 ml each, ink capable of printing up thousands of pages, more than other inkjet devices. But this is different if you print the image-based documents. Each section will be filled with one or more slides. To select the Canvasclick the Canvas Background button located on the tab pptPlex. After all organizedrun the presentation slide show by clicking one of the following keys: It is still visible even though we’ve tried to do the maintenance process,starting from the head cleaning, print head alignment hinga nozzle check.

Homemade canvas is basically just a regular picture that will be used as a background. Interestingly, USB wireless adapter has a very affordable price. PptPlex is a plug -in designed for microsoft power point that can provide extra features on your default power point.


Text printedneatly and do not result in seepage of ink. Generally the area is named ” Slides before 1st Section Divider “.

Similarly, when the device is working as a scanner which is fully implemented only through the defaultapplication. Epson L is presented together with the L which is an innovation from Epsonin introducing the printing device has a system ink infusion. How to install the the plug -in is pretty easy.

If you feel ” half-hearted ” to buy Epson L because it works only as a printer,Epson L series which also provides additional functions of the copier copier and also the scanner scanner. You can just run the file pptPlex.

Copy and scan process runs smoothly with results that are categorized as sp907bs. By clicking the buttonwill pop up a list of background images to choose from. But in our opinion, this only made him vulnerable to slipping and missing.

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There was only OK button only. Standard facilities such as the reduction or enlargement does not exist. You must be patient if you want to do all threefunctions before, especially if documents are numerous. You must use the official Epson ink by entering the serial number marked on eachbottle refills. Categories Review 14 News 6 camera 3 gallery 2 notebook 2 pc 2 Software 1 acessories 1 tablet 1. This is reflected in the lack of support facilities are included.


Add-in pptPlex can give the microdoft of a different presentation.

mixrosoft Slide presentations are collected in a single page called Canvas. In addition to USB wireless adapter unit, you will get abrief guide sheet, and a CD containing drivers, manuals, andsupporting applications. Tuesday, January 3, Review pptPlex.

Micronet SP907NS 11n Wireless LAN USB Adapter Overview, User Manual, Guide

The installation is well, even applicationworks fine. Some slides that will be airing are part of the page and aired by kicrosoft zoom using certain effects. Navigation presentations can be performed either by keyboard or mouse.

Noteworthy isthe image should contain lots of empty space that will be filled with slides. Aside from being a printer, the L also includes a scanner and copier functionsthat we think it is only an additional facility.

After thatmake the following slides and place them on the available sections. Another drawback of all the functions thathad been a long time process.