Follow us LenovoSupport on Facebook and Twitter! This website uses cookies. But now to look at the components in detail. Therefore it is advisable to make one immediately after buying the laptop and after your first boot of Windows Vista, even with the OneKey rescue tool, so that you have a disk handy in case of mishap. It is unclear from the manufacturer’s website whether a matt version will be offered. At the time of writing we could not find any of Lenovo’s G series notebooks on its German website, but on the US site three different models are available: Options such as Bluetooth, an integrated broadband modem or an RJ modem have been ignored.

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Review Lenovo G550 Notebook

Lenovo G Windows The webcam integrated into the lid of the notebook is handy for video conferencing. However, when you type energetically the whole keyboard area tends to bounce along with you, and the noise this creates is quite noticeable.

If you elnovo somewhat less vigorously then the background noise is acceptable. The highly reflective display means that the G is in no way suitable for long-term use as an office work machine.

Download driver for laptop, LENOVO 20023 Lenovo G550

The brightness declines from this point in all directions, most strongly towards the bottom of the screen. That Lenovo’s marketing talks in all seriousness of ‘supercharged graphics and gaming’, despite the G’s basic graphics set-up. With a 35 Watt thermal design powerit is not an energy-efficient version. Here the underside of the vidwo hit a maximum of As usual there is a fairly limited range of viewing angles in the vertical direction, with even small deviations from 200223 ideal viewing angle producing a loss of contrast and hence an over-brightening or darkening of the screen.


A range of useful Lenovo tools: Those wanting further technical details should turn to the manufacturer’s website. For those with mobile use in mind, a smaller machine with better networking and a longer battery life would probably be preferable. This helped me too.

Solved: Lenovo g uses nVidia drivers? – Lenovo Community

Please share our article, every link counts! Loudspeakers The two speakers, integrated into the front edge of the laptop, sound pleasant and relatively balanced considering there is no subwoofer. Energy Management instead of Vista’s energy management Though the brightness of the LED display does mitigate the effect somewhat, it is still not really possible to work happily in the open because of these reflections.

Did someone help you today? Lenovo will not win any awards for the positioning of the ports either, especially from left-handers. My system’s running a 32bit os. If you use Windows 7, check this driver:. Thanks in advance, reya Solved! No other battery options are offered presently.


Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. This is particularly useful when you consider that virus scanners and other background processes are always taking up processor power.

Lneovo BatteryEater Reader’s testwhich simulates reading documents in this scenario, gave a result of minutes. Many thanks to the firm Notebook. But also, more detailed information on the manufacturer’s website. However, as is often the case, we did come across some weakness in the optical drive areawith vudeo casing above and below the drive bending noticeably when pressure was applied. The lid’s hinges are so stiff that it is nigh on impossible to alter its position with one hand.

The two speakers, integrated into the front edge of the laptop, sound pleasant and relatively balanced considering there is no subwoofer. It is a ‘Penryn’ processor and is manufactured using a 45nm lithographic process. Because of the strongly reflective screen surfacewe would not recommend the G for use outdoors.

With suitable brightness level 6 of 10and the ‘energy saving’ mode switched on, we managed to drain the battery in minuteswhich is 3 hours and 10 minutes.