Note those, if they are required, as well. Each keep-alive ping uses bytes of data, so you want to make it as long as possible for it to work with your carrier. One of the features of setup. It will be discontinued in Australia at the end of , and has limited coverage in some parts of the United States. There are some additional hints below, as well. See any errors on this page?

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Hi rickkas7thanks for the write-up! Thank you Rick for such a nice article. Lecton the Electron sends data to the Particle cloud, the carrier also opens up a reverse channel to allow the Particle cloud servers to send data back to the device. Get online fast with the V. In Stock Update Location close. These return data channels take up resources on the carrier network, so they like to clean up the unused ones to free up the resources.

Lectron U56SVP-K0

Click the devices icon in the lower left corner of the Particle Build [ https: Simply insert this modem into an available PCI slot on your Windows computer and begin taking advantage of enhanced data transfer rates as this modem supports the V.


The [Particle Electron] https: A report from this tool is helpful if you have a problem that you need to report to technical support. Reset the Electron then wait an interval before using a Particle function like:. Need to send a batch of digital pictures or other e-mail attachments? International orders are processed the next shipping day.

Electron modem debugging – Troubleshooting – Particle

If you have set your APN correctly the Electron should proceed through the normal states: The setting varies by carrier, and sometimes by country. Order in the next 0: Put the Electron in DFU mode [blinking yellow] https: Modem on Hold lets you take calls while online without dropping your Internet connection; there’s no mocem for a second phone line.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

The APN setting is not stored in configuration flash on the Electron. Each keep-alive ping uses bytes of data, so you want to make it as long as possible for it to work with your kodem.

Try removing it and putting it back in again. In addition to using the setup. Are you planning to make this article as part of Electron Documentation? Quick Connect lets you establish your connection faster, so you spend less time dialing up.

See any errors on this page? Be the first to review this item. The only thing you need to do when switching between Particle and 3rd-party SIM cards is update the firmware to set or not set the APN and keep-alive, completely power down the Electron, swap the SIM card, and power it back up.


Please check your local sales tax laws. Also, it will still be able to send data to the cloud, so things like Particle.

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The number is usually 19 or 20 digits long and is usually printed on the card, though some carriers only print part of the number on the modme. One way to determine the correct interval is to run the Tinker firmware on your Electron with the APN set.

This is an Excellent write-up! Also note that the 2G Electron is not levtron in Japan. Claiming is discussed below. Some carriers may also require a username and password. You can get it by putting the Electron in [listening mode] https: