Tubman continued to compete in national and international rallies. He worked as a relieving pharmacist, including for a time at Kurri Kurri, before moving to Maitland. Tubman decided to make some money of his own by touring the countryside as a relieving chemist. Australian Dictionary of Biography person text Tip: Second was Possum Kipling in another Holden in As a consequence the organisers threw in a special section or stage to help break up the field. The car was given a valve grind and a grease, a few spares were thrown in and some of the accessories given away were bolted on.

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When he heard the car was a small Peugeot Tubman was doubtful about their chances. The victory established the French marque in Australia and the grateful Australian distributor gave Tubman and Marshall a car each.

An old beat-up Peugeot, Ken Tubman and Redex rally fame

Residing in a retirement village at Rqlly Bay for the last seven years of his life, he worked in a pharmacy there one day a week where friends and customers from his Maitland years would often call in. Posted by John Crawford at 6: All he needed was a car.

Fifty thousand people lined the streets of Sydney from tubmxn start at the Sydney Showgrounds at Centennial Park on 30 August and lined the route through the major cities the circus traversed. It had everything- characters, heroes, bravery, stupidity, crashes, ingenuity and mayhem!

Australian Dictionary of Biography

But both were ground-breaking achievements. The high point of his motor sport career came with winning the first Redex Round Australia Reliability Trial in But it was his work behind the wheel that first saw the happy-go-lucky pharmacist become prominent in the city.


It was this outstanding overseas performance that saw Tubman announced as the Maitland Sportsperson of the Year. The six cylinders fed into a long spindly exhaust pipe which ended in a megaphone. Whilst the event was styled as a reliability trial it was effectively a race as we shall see. His parents were well off, schooling was not difficult and the first time he saw people in droves was when he did a pharmacy degree at the University of Sydney. Motoring from the s to the s.

To Tubman and Marshall the trial had not proved as tiring as it had to others. He navigated for me in one rally. Jack Davey ran a Ford Customline- the popular radio show host broadcast on local radio stations along the route and had a can of hairspray in the glovebox to look his best at all times.

Many times it was up to Ken to sort out the problems. But despite crossing the Munich finishing line 28 hours ahead of their nearest competitor, there were moments of difficulty negotiating the snow and sand across Europe and Africa, including parts of the Sahara Desert. The TC was the only sports car money could buy — and the wait would be two years. Peugeot and despite the language difficulties we had no fally making lunch a four hour affair! Not only that, but upon rallh return home Tubman was honoured with a civic reception and Freedom of the City by then Tumban mayor Noel Unicomb.


As a consequence the organisers threw in a special section or stage to help break up the field.

They were given 16 hours to cover the miles km from Townsville to lsa. He then studied pharmacy at the University of Sydney —36in his first year winning prizes for botany and chemistry.

Bonds Alice Springs vista K Harris. This stretch was considered impossible to cover in less than 48 hours- the organisers had set a time of 15 hours 10 minutes.

Fitting tribute for rally legend Ken Tubman | The Maitland Mercury

Usually he would give away vital spare parts or help other less fortunate competitors from ditches and throw away his own chances of a win. On first meeting you would wonder where this quiet, unassuming pharmacist was hiding the demon within, who drove the 10, kilometres of the Redex Round Australia Trial, and won it on corrected times by 25 seconds! Second was Possum Kipling in another Holden in Marshall sat down beside him and asked whether he was interested in going on the big Redex trial.

The first car to reach Mt. In part it was because most roads west of Adelaide were challenging to say the least. Lex Davison arrived in Kingoonya in an unbelievable 13 hours 39 minutes.