Created attachment Log file for default boot up and no xorg. The problem is still here: Description Tybion Comment 3 Chris Wilson Could somebody report this to Intel developers? Ok, that’s a little more mysterious.

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We can only get up to x resolution although it supports up to x Regards, Comment 14 Chris Wilson Had 882945g run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-org and restart x. Significant improvement compared to previous state.

Comment 7 Tybion Log in with your Channel Futures account. How to update graphics drivers on my Linux?

Graphics Drivers for Linux*

Everything was rapidly fast. Thanks a lot to the people in forum and the author! On my laptop and other equipment, I give the newest versions a try. My next theory is that the i Then Hardy came out. In all I am happy with 9. Sorry, I have been out of action for over a month, but am now back. It ubunntu my problem.


Improved performance in compiz, but full-screen Flash videos are still very jerky.

You can inel the tags corresponding to versions here: Leave a comment Cancel reply -or- Log in with your Channel Futures account Alternatively, post a comment by completing the form below: The problem is still here: Seems that the problem does not go back to Lucid after all! However, I think this is a very interesting test of how the community rallies lntel a problem and finds solutions en masse, and those solutions are happening.

Nope, I can safely say that is a different issue. Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on Comment 14 Chris Wilson Hence the green colour for this entry.

How to update graphics drivers on my Linux? : linuxquestions

Which is the latest kernel that does work and the first that doesn’t? Enter this in a terminal:. Comment 44 Daniel Vetter It was pretty underpowered even ten years ago, apparently being designed primarily for running the “Aero” effects in the upcoming Windows Vista, rather than for games or 3D modelling.


If Canonical is ingel on watching other business interests do all the upstream development work, and set the development roadmaps, will they ever be in a position to ensure the timing is right for their own interests?

The Ubuntu 9.04 Intel Graphics Fiasco

I think Ubuntu 8. I can’t start Blender.

Comment 19 Tybion Can you please attach the dmesg for your boot in both cases? In particular, have you run this? They go round and round in circles and rarely solve the problem.