The paper size that is counted should be configured by your service representative. Function combination codes o: The product may also be damaged or malfunction. The edge of the text is reproduced sharply, while photos are reproduced as a smooth image. Failure to use this cord could result in a fire or electrical shock.

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Note User’s Guide may not be reproduced in part or in full without permission. Some types of memory retain inneo even after the power is turned off, while others not. Installing Using Plug And Play After finishing the installation, make sure that the icon for the installed printer is displayed in the [Print- ers] window.

Also, the toner is completely smudge-proof and will not smear, even if the document gets damp!

Page Index by button The machine returns from the Sleep mode when any key on the Control Panel is pressed. Photos are reproduced as a smooth image. A “conflict” message saying “unable to configure” or “function will be canceled” appears. Dust that accumulates be- tween the plug terminals may cause a fire. Gradation The inneo levels of an image.


Develop ineo 164 User Manual

Printer Function Printer function This is a file format for saving image data. The acronym for Universal Serial Bus. Replace the Toner Bottle according to the guidance contained in your maintenance agreement. Legal Restrictions On Copying In addition, it is prohibited under any circumstances to copy domestic or foreign currencies, or works of art without permission of the copyright owner.

If you keep on using it as is, a fire or electrical shock could result.

Wia Scanner Driver Adjust the quality of the scanned inei. Click this button to adjust the image quality. Procedural instruction 0 This check mark indicates an option that is required in order to use conditions or functions that are prerequisite for a procedure.

Using This Machine Using this machine The edge of the text is reproduced sharply. The paper size that is counted should be configured by your service representative. Uninstalling the driver requires the administrator authority. Offering extra flexibility, it scores with standard direct printing and direct scanning capabilities and is the perfect device for workshops, warehouses, agriculture and crafts enterprises, all of whom will welcome its attractive price.


Toner cartridge for Develop Ineo

Align the center of the original with the mark on the Original Scale. Name Description 1 Main Unit The original uneo scanned by the scanner section, and the scanned image is printed by the printer section. Select the direction and order of pages to be printed. Clearing paper jams at the exit section 1 Slowly pull out the paper.

Settings [Appearance] Displays a sample image. Configure settings in the application correctly.

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The product may also be damaged or malfunction. This completes removing the printer driver. Steadily lit up to indicate that the machine is in the Sleep mode or ready for receiving a 16. If originals are placed as shown below, images are not copied in order. Scans made for copying are not included. A solid circle indicates an imperative course of action.