Then review the still picture above to understand The GX adds many new features and is an excellent successor to the original G GX Step Pulse Multiplier. G Initial Setup Guide. It has several new features and performance enhancements: The case temperature measured on the bottom plate should not exceed 70 degrees C, and for best life should be kept to 50 degrees or less.

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Gecko Drive

The current can be set gecmo 0. I made a video to explain this component in detail. I invite you to watch it to see how easy this unit is to use. The GX step pulse multiplier still allows all of the benefits of microstepping at low speeds and full stepping at high speeds that the GX has. This section applies only if you purchased a GX or have installed a GX step pulse multiplier. The GX uses a gdcko modular main connector.

Gecko Drive | eBay

Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Skip to main content. By Purchasing these Drivers you agree to the above. Motor connections are made through DB9 plugs, which are included with the drive, and current c Use heatsink compound between the GX and the heatsink. Connect one motor winding to terminals 3 and 4.


Pay now with address and payment details stored in your Amazon account. If the step pulse multiplier is set to full stepping mode it will output ten microsteps for every pulse it receives on its input; as far as the base drive is concerned, it is always microstepping at its normal rate.

The G is their most popular end-user focused product. Current settings above 3 Amps without a heatsink will result in damage to the GX. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Take about 10 minutes, and watch the video.

Gecko G201X Stepper Drive

The connector is split in two pieces; terminals 1 through 6 power supply and motor leads and terminals 7 through 12 control interface. The GX has an onboard step pulse multiplier called the GX that allows the drive to operate in full step, half step, 5 microstep and 10 microstep modes. The drive must be f201x to a piece of aluminum, preferably with fins and a fan to increase heat dissipation and surface area.

Full current is restored immediately upon resumption of step pulses. The power to the GX must be turned off before any adjustment is to be made on the step pulse multiplier.


Motor winding inductance should be uH or greater, but generally no more than 7mH. G Troubleshooting and Tuning.

GX Digital Microstep Drive | Geckodrive

The GX has many new features based on user. No internal jumpers, no current set resistor, DIP switch settings 7. If you have trouble using your motor controls please contact a technical support representative using the information gecok Turn the power supply off when connecting or disconnecting the motor.

The GX uses a 2mm jumper block and two jumpers to set the resolution. The all Aluminum USA made enclosure has natural heat sinking capabilities with lots of vent holes no The power supply current drops to less than 15mA. By Purchasing these Drivers you agree to t PID trimpots ggecko settable integral coefficient.

Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. No software changes are required to take advantage of this and accuracy will not be sacrificed.