Driver will automatically load and configure at next boot time. D-Link Tested operating systems: Join Date Feb Beans It works perfectly fine on Ubuntu 9. In the Linux environment, it is a good idea to rebuild the driver from the source instead of relying on a precompiled version. Submit a new result for this product. November 17th, 7.

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Please help, i hate using a defunct OS Look forward to your help.

Just install, install low-fat reboot after installing low-fat and Bob’s yer uncle. June 1st, 4. Outfit with 4 Fast Xfe-580tx ports, the card gives you a 4-port trunk link from a server to a Fast Ethernet switch, providing load-sharing aggregated bandwidth and redundant backup links, allowing you to cost effectively run bandwidth-intensive and missioncritical applications in client-server Windows and Unix environments.

By default, the copper devices operate at autosense, the fiber devices operate at Mbps full duplex. The approach of building a monolithic kernel has become obsolete. Linux other Most recent version of this submission: May 31st, 2. To load a module enter the command: Driver will automatically load and configure at next boot time.

DFETX 4-Port PCI Bus Mbps Fast Ethernet Server adapter | D-Link UK

Llnux the unlikely event where one MAC fails, the remaining controllers will continue to operate, guaranteeing uninterrupted server connection. In case if one trunk fails, the other trunk will provide the backup link.


When connected to a Fast Ethernet switch that supports flowcontrol, the card receives signals from the switch regarding buffer overrun during peak usage periods. To compile, the Linux installation must include the gcc compiler, the kernel source, and the kernel headers. May 31st, 1.

In the Linux environment, it is a good idea to rebuild the driver from the source instead of relying de-580tx a precompiled version. Drivers not working on newer versions of Ubuntu I don’t know the answer, but I noticed that your post fell down quite a bit with no answer, so I’ll take an educated guess.

Kernel 3.10 Dlink DFE-580TX (sundance kernel module) no more working

The insmod command only loads the driver and gives it a name of the form eth0, eth1, etc. One trunk is active, the other trunk in the stand-by mode. Below is a list of the command line parameters supported by the Linux device driver. All products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

Kernel Dlink DFETX (sundance kernel module) no more working | Proxmox Support Forum

Tags for this Thread I have enabled using modprobe but to no avail. Note that for most Linux distributions, Red Hat included, a configuration utility with a graphical user interface is provided to perform steps 2 and 3 above.


Download the lunux from ftp: The time now is What about recompiling or changing the sundance driver that is automatically dfe-508tx in the newer versions of Ubuntu?

If test ok, then continue next step. November 17th, 7.

There is a Redhat Linux driver available on the D-link website but i’m not sure if it’s possible to compile the drivers to work on Ubuntu kernel? Load-sharing Aggregated Bandwidth You can configure liunx 4 ports to operate at the load-sharing mode.

D-Link Tested operating systems: I’m not that proficient in Linux to be able to do that.

Processed: Re: Sundance network driver (D-Link DFE-580TX) timeouts rendering interface unusable

Refer to the table in the previous section for the list of optional parameters. The Linux driver supports Linux Kernels 2. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.