See page for details. When Enabled, the system skips certain tests while booting. Setting to Enabled, clears the chassis open status. Contact a qualified service technician or your retailer. The screen display and drivers option may not be the same for different operating system versions. Locked Retaining Clip 1. Do not shutdown or reset the system while updating the BIOS to prevent system boot failure!

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The following sub-sections describe the slots and the expansion networj that they support. We recommended to install the memory modules first before installing a PCI Express x16 card. Visit the Netaork website www. CPU Parameter Recall feature. Always install the latest OS version and corresponding updates to maximize the features of your hardware.

Orient the red markings on the floppy ribbon cable to PIN 1. You cannot select an item that is not user-configurable. Setting to Enabled, clears the chassis open status.

Restart the system after the utility completes the updating process. Software support This chapter describes the contents of the support CD that comes with the motherboard package. See page for the U t i l i t i e s screen menu.


Select Y E S to discard any changes and load the previously saved values. The keys in the legend bar w you to navigate through the various setup menus.

The system may become unstable or may not boot up if the power is inadequate. When Enabled, the succeeding items becomes user-configurable. The following screen appears.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

Asus K8N4-E Specifications |

If the instructions in this section do not match the CPU documentation, ssus the latter. This PSU type has pin and 4-pin power plugs. The RAM data containing the password information is powered by the onboard button cell battery. Search around the various computer forums and you’ll no doubt get an earful about this issue.

Turn on the system and change the necessary BIOS settings, if any. Please input File Name! If the system becomes unstable after changing any BIOS settings, load the default settings to ensure system compatibility and stability.

Before you start installing the motherboard, and hardware devices nefwork it, check the items in your package with the list below. These items are not user-configurable.


ASUS K8N4-E SE – motherboard – ATX – Socket 754 – nForce4 4X

Take caution when changing the settings of the Advanced menu items. At the DOS prompt, type format A: If you attempt to exit the Setup program without saving assus changes, the program prompts you with a message asking if you want to save your changes before exiting.

Refer to the connector description below for details. This port connects a headphone or a speaker.

Information to prevent damage to the components when trying to complete a task. Select either one of the preset overclocking configuration options: Remove the onboard battery.

Hardware monitoring errors can occur if you fail to plug this connector. Failure to do so may cause severe damage to both the asuus and the components.