Advanced Features Delete Deletes the selected document. Paper Jams Remove the jammed paper. Refer to “Replacing the Drum Cartridge for customers having a spot maintenance contract ” P. Select [High Quality] to conduct a pre-scan, and sample the whole document to detect the background color. PSTN Subscriber telephone line.

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Select [Print Waiting Jobs].

Output Apeopsort 1, 2, 3 Adds page numbers only. Start Current Job Flow Select documents from the mailbox and select this button to start the job flow linked to this mailbox. Authentication for Job Flow Sheets and Mailboxes The available operations for job flow sheets are different depending on whether the Authentication feature is enabled or disabled.

DocuCentre-II 5010 Drivers & Downloads

The indication “Overwriting” shows that the overwriting is in progress. Specify the destination to save the file in. Fax Signal Method This method employs a Fuji Xerox proprietary communication procedure that is only for use with appeosport machines that have the Relay Broadcast feature.

This feature is called “E-mail Printing”. Select the destination in which the data is stored.

Overview Of Authentication 13 Authentication and Auditron Administration Overview of Authentication This section is an overview of the Authentication feature used with the machine. Index confirming remote machine response prior to transmission An original size is assigned to each of the 11 buttons other than [Auto Size Detect].


Select the item to be changed. Text Displays the [Stamp-Text] screen. For information on the settings, refer to “Original Size Defaults” How can I pay? Action Cancel the interrupting operation. Page 4 Fax Sending to Mailbox Fax Signal Method This feature allows you to send a document directly to a mailbox on the destination machine.

Trouble during Faxing Trouble during Faxing This section describes how to solve fax problems.

Compatible Toner Reset Chip – suits Xerox ApeosPort-II –

You can select the Trays 1 to 4. The print procedure depends on the application software you use.

Change Settings Confirm or change the settings of the selected items. The following shows the reference section for each item. Page 12 Machine Status Programming You can check or change the values set for the print mode item numbers.

Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 User Manual

E-mail Subject Set the e-mail subject using the following procedure. Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies.


Page Trouble during Faxing Cause The machine is in the system administration mode. Page 82 3 Copy Select [Copy Output]. Using the Receiver Pick up the telephone receiver.

Authentication for Job Flow Sheets and Mailboxes Types of Mailboxes The following three types of mailboxes can be used with the machine. Select [Screen Default], and apfosport [Change Settings]. If the image quality is not improved even after prescribed the relevant remedy, contact our Customer Support Center.

Cancels deleting the document. It includes the recipient apeoport, comment, sender name, machine fax number, number of pages, and send date and time. Adds the sender’s address to CC.

When performing the relay broadcast, the initiating station must be registered to an address number in the relay station regardless of the instruction method.

Use of inappropriate paper may result in paper jams, reduced print quality, malfunctions and other trouble.