Can anybody help me out with my problem? The VersaPort is extremely compact and lightweight, measuring 4. Is there a driver that I can simply download to the iMac and use the current Versaport hardware Like Tweet Pin it Submit Email. Posted Sat 12 Jan 13 If not, please come back:

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That option isn’t there for me. The VersaPort is extremely compact and lightweight, measuring 4.

Versaport – 4×4 Soundcard with Mic, Headphone, Level

No straight green line, no horizontal green line, no green circle. Over the years, I apparently misplaced the installation software disk for the Versaport. For more information, visit their web site here. To monitor your audio signals, the American Audio Versa Port has a headphone jack and stereo output RCA jacks, which you can connect asko self-powered speakers.

I have tried adjusting the gain and various other parameters in VDJ but nothing is coming through.

American Audio VersaPort USB interface

Posted Sat 12 Jan 13 Write a news item. Does it happen if you use another computer?

Does the problem appear when using any other audio software? Does not do it every song and it is not the song because I have played the song over and it will not do it. Vversaport are the specs of the computer?


Just register your licence under your account: I don’t know why I wrote Pro. Nothing is coming through. Record audio with your computer’s built-in audio recorder or your favorite audio production software such as GarageBand, DirectSound, and many others.

Another handy, unique feature is independent microphone and headphone volume level control, accessed via knobs on the top of the unit. Windows system requirements for the VersaPort include: I have VDJ Home. With the VersaPort’s wizardry, you can do any vegsaport of things, such as drive your computer audio software with your CD or vinyl players, or record audio with your computer’s built-in audio recorder.

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VersaPort – Product Archive Audio – Audio – Products – ADJ Group

Support staff Member since Looking at a picture of it, make sure that the phono switch is pushed in to select phono level input signal for turntables. Support staff Member since Your best option would be to go to http: I have no signal though.


Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. A separate level control lets you adjust monitoring volume.

I am aware that the configuration with the vinyl stops working every 10 minutes but I’m okay with that for now as I’m only going to be playing in my bedroom. What will cause it to do this, almost like a system freeze for half a second. If not, please come back: In the Configuration section the Input is set to timecodes and in the Timecode Configuration section it is set to Serato vinyl on absolute mode.

If you’re recording from a turntable, the Versaport interface has a terminal for connecting your turntable ground which will eliminate hum associated with magnetic phono cartridges.

It comes equipped with ASIO drivers for easy, seamless plug-and-play operation, with no external adapters required. Native CodeAudio is used on Mac.

Does the problem still occur when using the onboard audio, or another audio interface?