The SS had predominantly 2nd order distortion. The amplitude was 5. In all cases the PL14 had lower distortion. I did not include drivers with smaller diameter, because of the large volume displacement needed for a dipole. Three-Box active system

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Distortion tests are difficult to quantify by single numbers.

The four drivers were selected with some thought. If I then give equal weight to linear and non-linear distortion I come up with an overall order for the drivers.

An acoustic event has dimensions of Time, Tone, Loudness and Space Have they been recorded and rendered sensibly? The high end of the midrange has to deal with the deterioration of the cone’s piston behavior. Without any test equipment for analysis this signal makes it easy to hear non-linear distortion of a driver.

Triggered burst measurements xccuton tweeters. It should be apparent by aaccuton why stored energy and non-linear distortion are such important driver parameters.

P-S-V-A, best to worst. The distortion peak at 4. The test microphone is at the center of the cone diameter and touches the plane which would be formed, if a flat sheet of paper were placed over the front of the driver.

There is midranhe considerable amount of data to consider. The notch filter will not help this situation and the driver should ideally only be used below 1 kHz.



Overall not a bad performance, but not quite the same accuyon the Seas and Scanspeak, in my ranking, especially when the higher directivity of the XT25 is considered.

Voltage levels were 5. The Vifa drivers 10 and 11 exhibited very good burst behavior, something one might have expected for the small cones. This gives a fast rise time waveform with a accutkn that falls off rapidly at low and high frequencies. I did not include drivers with smaller diameter, because of the large volume displacement needed for a dipole.

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The tests also confirmed the respectable performance of the Vifa tweeter compared to much more expensive models. There is no increase in distortion. Stored energy is difficult to equalize for and non-linear distortion cannot be corrected. Any solution must be lower distortion than the larger midrange drivers pushed to Hz, to be of value.

Compared to a Hz crossover midrnage would reduce the volume displacement required from the midrange and thereby reduce its non-linear distortion. It is well designed and built.

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While distortion differences between drivers are easily heard with the Hz test tone, this is not the case at Hz, because the signal itself is rather adcuton and shrill sounding.


Small midranges I measured 4 small drivers for use as midrange in a box speaker. The different drivers have also different voltage sensitivities, in addition to different diameters, and therefore require corresponding drive voltage adjustments to obtain the same volume displacement.

The test has given a snapshot of different drivers. There may be other drivers available that would test and reproduce sound even more accurately. The different, stiffer suspension might be the cause of this. The SS stores energy above 10 kHz, probably due to the Helmholtz resonator formed by the cup in front of the dome.

The drivers are tested at Hz, Hz, and Hz in their cone breakup regions. At the outset I must clarify that I am looking for the midrange mideange in a 3-way system.

I would not use these drivers in a 3-way open baffle design due to their limited volume displacement for lower frequencies.

Both units performed well on stored energy, better than the T25CF, which was slightly ahead of the