I will attach a patch in the next post. Nothing obvious appears in the kernel logs indicating what’s wrong. If someone has it and can upload it, I’d appreciate it. Any soultion to this dropping problem? It doesn’t work for me.

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I left my machine powered off for about an hour, tried again, and now it’s working.

BTW, I have tried with ndiswrapper and winxp drivers and it works like a charm. Make sure that the script will “exit 0” on success or any other value on error. John Markh dragonsol wrote on Otherwise the installer will try to resize the XP partition.

And also it requires too many changes to ieee stack. This is largely work in progress. The easiest way to get going is to simply boot the Ubuntu 8. Did you try ‘sudo ifconfig wlan0 up’, or whatever your wlan device is. The wifi card works well like that!


[lubuntu] Realtek RTLSE

And It looks like Jaunty kernel works fine for you guys. Well, the new drivers don’t seem to be causing system crashes, which is good. On Wed, Jul 16, at 5: So it seems the latest driver has problems. Your preference may vary of course. I get messages in dmesg similar to: Goldenear goldenear wrote on After that, execute the following commands to build and install the driver and to ensure that the driver modules are loaded at boot time: You can use those commands: No more TX desc, returning 33 of 33 The good news is, I have received a further updated driver directly from Realtek.

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Angelos Kyriazis angelos-ks wrote on Just be warned that the install script does a reboot after installation without asking for permission.

The time now is The driver is in the Debian unstable repository. Llnux is the compiling output. The driver didn’t compile for the 2.


Are you new to LinuxQuestions. On Sun, Apr 11, at 7: Compilation were succesfull although i got some warnings but there was no wireless card detection after the module installation.

CONFIG_RTL8187SE: RealTek RTL8187SE Wireless LAN NIC driver

Wireless detected but I cannot connect to a unsecured wifi hotspot. Oguz Yarimtepe oguzy wrote on A user on the msiwind.

Visit the following links: They do, however, cause the wireless connection to drop out every now and then, requiring a restart.