They are now my most carried firearm. Also, according to Supica and Nahas, the s with product code were manufactured between and , depending upon fea- tures. Arrives in a Jeweiry pouch and custom box with a Certificate of Authenticity www. I received the replacement RSA today and tried to install it. Hey guys I just recently purchased the mosin scope mount……. Competition comes down to a shooter’s ability to minimize human error in influencing the lead projectile’s trajectory. Thanks, Brass Stacker, for the quality products and excellent customer service!

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The scope tacksriver was very well made. I asked Stone if there was any hope for an aluminum-frame version in the future. Youth in the and Elections: I dropped the binoculars and my glasses while fumbling through my pockets looking for the extra rounds. There is about a yard difference when it comes to ter- minal performance between the. We made a first class product, stofk customers rarely complained about price. Due to the pre-war manu- facturing program Colt had at the time, LWCs were only made once a year.

When FN began making the P35 in. Thanks again for your time and thank the Brass Stacker folks for forwarding my question to you! Read some hunting stories tackdiver look at the traditional rifles in 100/220 accompanying pictures.

This information about the SA trigger was inadvertently published as the “weight” of the pistol. Browning had to work around some of his own patents, as he sold them to Colt for the Alas, they were saddled with 9mm full metal jacket FMJand, as a result, the response to any threat was a shot burst — or more.


Iso puts the front panel square to the threat.

I’m really surprised what a simple add-on has done. The magazine has a CZ mark with the number on the floor plate. All of 110/220 ammunition we tested was loaded too long for a short action, so we single-fed through the Paid Advertisement U.

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For a limited time, U. OK, someone changed the 9mm C. I just want to stockk a little time and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and for helping my daughter to day I look ruchards to taking the tine to meet you when we move back to North Carolina thank you and God Bless You Michael.

Federal spent considerable time and effort on their GMM brass, ensuring consistent neck ten- sion and therefore maximizing accuracy.

Brass Stacker™

That type of customer service is world class and what sets your company off from others. I took it to Gander Mountain where I bought the Mosin and they liked it so much that they said they were going to contact the home office.

I have been hunting and shooting for 75 years, more than most hunters today have lived, and I’ve seen a lot of changes. Again, my research has been limited, if you can help with answers on numbers how many and value. AZ, Arkansas More information.


No more sore fingers. This sighting system takes some getting used to, and any hopes for accuracy beyond 7 yards requires at lot of practice to hit targets smaller than a plate.

Almost all of the GMM brass gets polished before load- ing to shine the brass and remove the discoloring from annealing. The weight of the M9A3 is listed as “5 lbs. Primarily, we traded muscular recoil control for skeletal recoil control, for which our joints paid the price.

Hello, I received my sling order yesterday.

17603 Indian Head Highway, Suite 200 Accokeek, MD ISBN: Accokeek, MD

Richarrs Commission on Higher Education P. It was an incredible experience and awesome story for a tacckdriver time kill. AL, Birmingham, U. I thank you for your informative email with my questions, but thats how I learn. Each Anschutz rifle was capable of stack- ing round after round on top of one another from 50 feet to such a degree that official scorers used high-powered magnifiers to examine targets for com- parison and tie breakers.